Prosport Water Temp Gauge Basic SERIES

Prosport Water temperature Gauge Basic SERIES - 52mm

On a lot of older vehicles and a lot of custom vehicles sometimes your factory water temperature gauge doesn't work or is no longer operating the way it should be. Upgrade to one of these gauges that will accurately measure the water temperature of your engine and are extremely simply to install. These are quality Prosport mechanical water temperature gauges that are 2 inches in diameter and you use the sensor unit provided to measure the water temp.

* Fits any vehicle whether its Petrol or Diesel
* Gauge face shows 40ŚÁ-120ŚÁC
* Mechanical water temp gauge
* 52mm Gauge (2" diameter)
* Illuminates when wired up
* 12 Month Warranty

* Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge
* 1/8th NPT Sender unit
* Mounting hardware ( Mounting cup not included)
* Instructions.

Scarles has a huge range of various gauges for your vehicle, whether you need to measure your boost levels, oil pressure or exhaust temperature we have you covered.

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