Prosport Oil Filter Sandwich Plate

Prosport Oil Sandwich plate

This is the product you need when you are wanting to install a oil pressure gauge or oil temperature gauge. This item will screw onto where your factory oil filter is on your vehicle and the oil filter will screw on top of this sandwich plate. Simple as!

* Oil Filter sandwich OPOT for oil pressure and oil temp sensor use!
* Your oil filter will screw straight on.
* Has 4 inputs in the adaptor plate
* Screws straight in easily
* Universal fitment
* High Quality
* 12 Month Warranty

* x1 Oil Sandwich plate
* x1 3/4"-16 UNF fitting
* x4 blanking plugs

Scarles has a huge range of various gauges for your vehicle, whether you need to measure your water temp, oil pressure or exhaust temperature we have you covered.