Prosport 2" Mounting Cup Visor

Prosport 2" Gauge Mounting cup visor - Suited for our Stepper Motor Gauges, JDM Gauges, EVO Premium, Performance and Supreme Series

With our stepper motor gauges and other 2" (52mm) mounting cups on the market you can add this nice looking visor to finish of the way you display your gauges, slides straight on and looks great!

* Suits any 52mm or 2" Prosport, Autometer, Autogauge or any other type of gauge.
* Slim line mounting cup visor
* Made of high quality plastic
* Universal Fitment
* 12 Month Warranty

* x1 Visor (Mounting Cup & Gauge NOT included)

Scarles has a huge range of various gauges for your vehicle, whether you need to measure your boost levels, water temp or oil temperature we have you covered.

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